Connecting people

and Inspiring Hope

through Housing.

Sober Living for Women

Build a new life in recovery in a safe, supportive, and accepting community.

Community Housing

Creating new homeshare opportunities that partners those living alone with those seeking housing for mutual benefit.


Get informed. Get involved. Donate. Advocate. Our community needs you!


Learn About NOLA Mission Purpose Values

We Create Housing Solutions That Are:


Create economically sustainable housing for both residents and owners.


Open doors of opportunity for the most vulnerable people.


Design housing systems built to naturally foster community.


Form coalitions to achieve what no single group could do alone.

Housing can be so much more than just a place to stay. We can have communities where some people aren't lonely, isolated, alone. We can have a community where everyone feels connected and loved.
Ron Bechtel - Director of Operations

Our Philosophy

No One Lives Alone is based upon a very simple philosophy; while it takes a village to raise a child, it takes living in relationships with other people to sustain a life that is emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy and fulfilling. Our efforts promote opportunities for those in need to provide environments that will encourage healthy relationships and enhance their overall quality of life.

I have struggled with addiction for over a decade. I called NOLA and was met with understanding and kindness. I used to feel scared and hopeless, now I feel safe and confident in my future, every day-I learn a little more how to love myself.
lauryn b
I think that what’s unique about NOLA is that we are run by people in sobriety, we’re unique in the fact that we’re trying to build a community for women to build a life in. Recovery is a lifelong process.
Nichole w
Recovery Coach
Because of the pandemic, we have had to put our Home Share and Community Living projects on hold. I look forward to renewing those projects and bringing relationship based housing to Ottawa County
Ron Bechtel
Director of Operations

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