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Find Housing in Ottawa County, Michigan

Many people are struggling to find housing in Ottawa County,Michigan. The focus of our mission is to create housing solutions. NOLA believes that the best goal for community housing is to avoid placing people into isolated boxes and create housing solutions that create natural community. Because of this, we advocate for shared housing policies for local government agencies and creating shared housing solutions for people in Holland, Michigan. NOLA is working on creative solutions to the housing crisis, not just building more of the same.


Home Share in Ottawa County Michigan

Home-Share Rental

Home Share in Ottawa County Michigan is one solution offered by No One Lives Alone (NOLA). Home-sharing is a movement that is growing rapidly throughout the country because it simply makes sense. Home-sharing is where two or more unrelated people to share a house for their mutual benefit. For example, a homeowner offers a private bedroom and shared common area (kitchen, living room, etc.) in exchange for rent, help around the house or a combination of the two. However, every home-sharing arrangement is unique. It’s about people helping people. To learn more about NOLA home-share click here.

NOLA is Developing a Home-Share Program

At the moment, Home-share is legally possible but is complicated within the city of Holland.  NOLA is currently working with the City of Holland to develop a safe and simple process for anyone to start home-sharing.

Sharing a home with someone you don’t know sounds scary, but NOLA has a program that takes you through a process of finding the right person for the right place.  The experience across the country is that home-sharing works best when there are people to help you both before and during home-sharing. Whether you are a home owner looking for the right person to share your home or someone who is find housing that is safe and comfortable in Holland, we are the people who will help make this happen.

We Can Help You Find a Home-Share Match!

For the Homeowner

Are you a homeowner looking for extra income? Do you have an extra bedroom in your home? Then home-share is a great opportunity for you! By partnering with NOLA’s home-share program, you will be able to earn extra income by simply providing space to a qualified renter! NOLA walks with you each step of the way, from registering with Holland, to carefully screening applicants and pairing you with someone who fits your lifestyle.

You will need to approve the home-sharer. Once they have been approved, we will create the lease and arrange payment collection for you. NOLA works to ensure the home-share opportunity is a great fit for both you and the home-sharer.

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Home-Share Renter

Do you need to find housing in Holland, Michigan, but you’re on a budget?  Does an apartment complex not offer the quality, safety, or value that you’re looking for? Consider using NOLA’s homeshare service!  Homeshare is an innovative response to the tight housing market in Holland.  It pairs a hospitable homeowner with ample space in their house with you—someone seeking a comfortable, safe, and affordable place to live! Enjoy the mutual benefit of homeshare, and let NOLA take care of arranging the details. We will find a homeowner whose situations matches you.  We will help you arrange a place to live and guide both you – the ‘homesharer’ and ‘homeowner’ towards a healthy relationship and lifestyle expectations.

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