No One Lives Alone (NOLA) Program Rules

Compliance with NOLA Recovery Program rules is required to remain in the program.
  1. I will not possess any drugs, alcohol, or mood-altering substances. This includes ‘non-alcoholic’ beer or wine.
  2. Alcohol or drug use is grounds for immediate termination of the right to remain in the NOLA Sober Living program, at which time a recommendation for a higher level of care will be made.
  3. I agree that I will not participate in another community member’s disease by keeping secrets about chemical use, rule violations, or destructive behaviors. I further agree to notify NOLA Sober Living Staff if I suspect any of the above. I understand that failure to do so may result in my discharge
  4. I will agree to take random drug/alcohol tests when requested by NOLA staff. Refusal or failure to take the test immediately, or a positive test, are grounds for immediate dismissal from NOLA Sober Living with a recommendation for a higher level of care.
  5. No drug-related paraphernalia of any kind is allowed. If transitioning from a treatment facility, I agree to follow their aftercare recommendations including but not limited to aftercare group meetings, therapy, etc.