Sober Living

for Women

"Create for yourself a life,

a beautiful life,

a life that celebrates sobriety."

A path forward...

Our primary focus, at No One Lives Alone, is in building a successful and healthy life. NOLA Sober Living for Women program is where you will learn the tools to build your sober life. You will develop healthy habits and practices that you need for success within recovery with a sober living coach. NOLA Sober Living will set you on the correct path, it will be up to you to make the best of your new opportunities.

sober living for women in Ottawa County, Michigan

Sober living for women in Ottawa County, Michigan: Sustain a life that is emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy and fulfilling by living in and developing relationships with others.  Nowhere is this more important than in addiction recovery. For most people, their addicted behavior originates in the context of lacking healthy relationships.  Successful recovery is life-long and supports a life that is rich and rewarding. A successful recovery requires more than recovery skills – it requires new life skills.

The importance of NOLA sober living

 A NOLA Sober Living for Women House is a place where women can learn those life skills from one another. It’s a place where healthy relationships are modeled; and where healthy relationship patterns are established that then become habits that last a lifetime.

How It Works

  1. Recovery Skills – NOLA considers attendance of AA, NA, or SMART recovery meetings vital to maintaining a healthy way of living. You will attend at least two – five meetings per week depending on how long you have lived in our house. This would include any group meetings for your specific addiction scheduled by a recognized organization.
  2. Spiritual Growth – You are encouraged, but not required, to be part of a church or spiritual community.  In addition to your recovery community, this is to help you find a connection to a wider community of people who are living emotionally and spiritually health lives.  We encourage you to attend events and meetings that are focused upon your spiritual growth such as weekly worship, study groups, or any other spiritual based activity of their choice. Participation in a religious community is not a requirement of the program, this is a suggested activity which we have found to be very helpful to women starting a new way of living.
  3. Community Service – All women who are not employed full time, or attending school, will be required to do community service work at least 10 hours per week. The required time will be adjusted for part time employment. A Sober Living Coach will assist her if she cannot find a place to volunteer that she would enjoy, 
  4. Financial Management – We will help you make a personal budget in written form.  A Sober Living Coach or a NOLA volunteer will help you understand how to make and use detailed plan for spending. You may be asked to share that budget with NOLA staff or House Manager.
  5. Employment – All women are expected to work towards full-time employment within 30 days if she is not already employed.  We will help you do this. A NOLA volunteer or outside support program will help you develop a resume.  
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