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Women’s Sober Living

What is Women’s Sober Living?

A journey toward the women’s sober living program… Getting sober, by which I mean not living in a state of constant alcohol-induced semi-haze, was the first step in my own recovery journey.  It was good. Learning to laugh again, something which happened at my AA meetings, was next. Working the steps help me confront the issues that had driven my need to numb the pain that had driven my addiction.  All of these things felt light and were freed. I was happy and a new life began for me.

Then I began a different journey, which for me was the next step in my recovery journey, building a new life – a life worth living.  In the years after January 13, 2012, many things happened on this journey towards a new life. People, places, experiences, relationships, many of the best times of my life.  For me this new life, this sober life, is about a lot more than not drinking, it’s about how recovery has empowered a new way of living that has become rich and deeper than I imagined possible.  I have also seen that this isn’t the case for many people in recovery. That realization is what is behind our development of a ‘curriculum’ for NOLA Sober Living.  

Getting clean and sober is the essential first step. Whether that comes through a 12-step process or another recovery program, it is still only the first part of the journey.  Building a life, a fun and fulfilling life is the essential next part. That is the basis of our Women’s Sober Living program at NOLA Sober Living.

The Nola Women’s Sober Living Program

Our Women’s Sober Living program is designed to help you create the habits which will build a life that is more than clean and sober – it means building a life that is worth living! A life that you love, with people you care about – and who care about you.  A life that is filled with times of joy, success, and fun. Each process is designed to help you develop the habits of a sober life. The goal at NOLA Sober Living is to help you create these habits for yourself. These habits then will be things that you have as a part of your daily activities – because they are part of your great new life!

Our Process (Sober Living Habits)

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